Tailgating To See Some Tail!

If you’ve tailgated once or twice you’ve probably noticed a few of those portable stripping poles at a tailgate location. The issue is most of the guys that set these apparatus’ up think all they have to do is turn up the music and expect all the scantily clad girls to come clamoring up to their parking spot. Imagining a series of bikini babes fighting each other to start grinding and gyrating on the pole. A lovely vision but a total delusion nonetheless. However, a well-organized Tail Gate After Party is definitely the way to go!

Tailgating To See Some Tail

We here at Kitty Cat Now love a great Tailgate shindig as everyone does in Dallas. However, it’s the privacy concerns when pairing a Sexy Strip Show at your Tailgate. Our shows are incredibly intimate and they’re designed for the party in mind not for prying eyes from other parking spots. However, if you have an intimate group just gathered together to watch the game alfresco that would be the perfect opportunity to book Topless or Nude Waitresses! There are a few rules when tailgating, but one thing is for sure, someone is going to lose their bra!

This Is Simply The Place To Be

This is simply the place to be
Tailgating while watching our illustrious  Kitty Cat’s™ shaking some tail! Indulge in your deepest desires creating the foundation for a sumptuously sexy evening!
Keep the beers in the cooler, your coals hot, and set your attention to wild! Book sensationally Sexy Strippers to your next tailgating event! Give us a call or Book Online today to truly score!

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