Kicking Back With Cowgirls Don’t Have A Cow We’ll Send You Kitty Cat’s Now

Feel up to kicking back with a few friends while you watch the Cowboys? Perhaps a few Kitty Cat Cowgirls are the perfect addition to your testosterone-fueled evening.
After all the sanctity of a good Football Party shouldn’t be taken for granted, the guy deserves a celebration the red-blooded American male can really sink his teeth into. Why not surprise your friends with some hot tight bodies from our Sultry Strippers. Whether you prefer naughty or nice Kitty Cat’s™ Cowgirls we got you covered!

This Ain’t Your First Rodeo

In Dallas, we’re known for being the hottest Cheerleaders in the land. Equipped with their cute little vests and cowboy boots but will those cheerleaders come to your house during the game and strip down to just their cowboy boots? No, but Our Kitty Cat’s™ Cowgirls will! In fact, they’ll cheer for your team even in the off-season!

Surprise Your Friends With Strippers For The Big Game!

If you really want to kickstart you’re Dallas Football Party into high gear give your favorite local and trusted Stripping Agency a call! At Kitty Cat Now it’s our esteemed pleasure to ensure the entire process of booking Surprise Football Strippers is a cinch! We’ll go over all the details to make sure it’s to your exact specifications. So you don’t have a Cow we’ll send you Kitty Cat’s™ Now! All that’s left to do is sit back relax and let our Kitty Cat’s™ Cowgirls Lasso you in!

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