Cap Off Your Friday Night Lights With A Strip Show!

Cap off your Friday Night Lights with a Strip Show! No matter who won the big game there’s a new cheer team to boost your team’s spirit! Don’t allow one bad game to destroy your entire weekend. Start your Friday night off with total stunners! A salient idea to engage the collective of your group and transform the emotions of your squad. Any of our sensational strip shows are the perfect remedy to raise your spirits and start your weekend off on a high note!

Our Kitty Cat™ Strippers Are The Original Party Animals

Do you & your Motley Crüe want Girls Girls Girls? Do you just want to Rock out? Whether you’re into Scorpion, White Snake, or White Lion there’s no denying that our  Kitty Cat’s™ are the original party animals! A longing to return to your youth is an abstract idea but with the proper planning, anything is possible!

Script Your Own Narrative

Our Kitty Cat™ Cheerleaders are always total stunners that can be at your Friday Night Party in a flash! Carpe your Diem in the most sensational way possible! By integrating Sexy Strippers into your party! Script your own narrative and embrace the simplicity of a night spent amongst friends and titillating Exotic Dancers from Dallas’ finest Stripping Agency Kitty Cat Now!

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