Back to school (rush week)

As the campus pathways buzz with new energy and dorm room walls await fresh posters, there’s one event we all know truly kicks off the academic year: Rush Week. Ready to elevate it from fun to phenomenal? Here’s how Kitty Cat Now Dallas is ready to craft the buzzworthy experience you deserve.

Whether you’re planning a classic fraternity bash or an intimate sorority soirée, our dynamic strippers are primed to ensure your event is the stuff of legends. Armed with tantalizing moves and an infectious energy, they’re the secret sauce to boost your party’s reputation. Prepare for the murmurs of “Did you see that?” and “I wish I was there!” in the campus corridors.

Got a theme? A specific vision? Every Greek house boasts its own unique spirit, and we’re here to amplify it. Share your whims and fancies, whether they veer towards the elegant or the exotic. Together, we’ll craft an experience that’s unmistakably ‘you’, yet undeniably unforgettable.

Rumor has it, even the Dean wishes he got an invite

With a diverse lineup of gorgeous strippers at your disposal, you have the luxury to pick and choose the kind of entertainment that aligns with your party’s pulse. From an enchanting single erotic performance to our wild 4 girl fantasy show, the sky (or perhaps, the dorm room ceiling?) is the limit. Revel in the freedom to design a night that matches your wildest imagination.

Sure, you could settle for that tired playlist and solo cups… or you could call Kitty Cat Now.

Rush Week isn’t just another college event; it sets the tone for the year ahead. With Kitty Cat Now Dallas as your partner in crime, you’re not just hosting a party; you’re crafting a college memory. So, ready to make some noise and solidify your place in campus lore? Reach out, share your dreams, and let’s co-create a night that’ll be the talk of the semester!

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